Oct 18, 2023

In GenWorlds, non-deterministic-agents meet deterministic objects, creating an ecosystem where both work together to enable arbitrary precision in problem-solving.

Zone in on the errors in your system and mitigate them with more focused agents and/or objects with the perfect mix of non-deterministic and deterministic actions.

GenWorlds GitHub

Deterministic Objects

🧬🌍GenWorlds objects aren’t just event listeners. They can also execute deterministic actions like scraping websites or reading emails, harmoniously working with agents for a multidimensional approach.

Cornering the Error

By pinpointing an error or imperfection in your system, you can detail it further, creating a multi-agent subsystem in that area, cornering the error, and enhancing system precision continuously.

I.e. add more agents or objects until the error is fixed

The Right Mix

The proper amalgamation of agents and objects allows you to corner and tackle specific problems, creating a pathway towards customizable precision levels, refining the solution to the desired point.

Growing Complex Ecosystems

By gradually adding agents and objects, you can seamlessly grow and evolve your multi-agent environments, tackling ever more complex problems with precision and efficiency.

The Strength of Collaboration

The collaboration between autonomous agents and deterministic objects opens up a universe of possibilities, enabling us to tackle and refine any problem, bringing us ever closer to optimal solutions.

Try it and give Feedback

We greatly appreciate any feedback on the framework and we are here to support anyone building on it:

GitHub: https://github.com/yeagerai/genworlds

Tutorial: https://genworlds.com/docs/get-started/quickstart

Discord: https://discord.gg/wKds24jdAX

Medium: https://medium.com/yeagerai

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yeagerai