Jul 20, 2023

Research shows that context-switching and multi-tasking can lead to a drop in productivity by 40%. At Yeager.ai, we found that, like humans, AI Agents are far less reliable when their cognitive load is overwhelmed.With this in mind, we designed🧬🌍 GenWorlds to enable coordination between multiple narrowly focused Agents. This design allows for a system to execute multiple tasks to complete a greater object without losing reliability.

Coordination Processes

The 🧬🌍 GenWorlds framework uses Objects which are shared tools for the Agents. This provides the flexibility for anyone to create their own object and coordination methods.Let’s take a look at a few coordination processes that Yeager.ai is working on:

The token bearer coordination process is used in RoundTable, where Agents use a microphone to communicate and signal whose turn it is to speak.

Token Bearer: Agents use a token to communicate and to signal to the other Agents whose turn it is to perform an action. For example, in RoundTable (our podcast simulation app), Agents use a microphone as a token to speak to each other. Agents can only speak if they are holding the mic. This ensures the Agents listen to each other and prevents them from interrupting each other, thus creating a dynamic discussion. See a quick demo on RoundTable below

Pipeline: Each Agent is assigned a role in the pipeline and completes their role when it’s their turn. It’s like a factory line. For example, most sales processes go something like this:

Research > obtain contact info > create/send a compelling outreach message > follow up > schedule/conduct a call > review call notes > send/negotiate legal docs > follow-ups/calls > and on and on until the deal is won/lost.

Our approach is to have a multi-Agent environment (or “World) where an Agent is specialized in each one of these tasks with an awareness of the other Agents, Events, and shared Objects in the environment. The Agents in the above “SalesWorld” example coordinate to execute these tasks with the common goal of closing the sale.

Pipeline is best for sequential tasks like in the SalesWorld example.

Project Management: A project manager (human or Agent) assigns roles to each Agent and keeps track of progress using a Blackboard. The Project Manager and the Agents interact via the blackboard, sharing files, updating assignments, tracking progress, etc.


In conclusion, the power of 🧬🌍 GenWorlds lies in its unique approach to task delegation and coordination among AI Agents. By reducing cognitive load and fostering inter-Agent collaboration, 🧬🌍 GenWorlds not only improves task execution but also leads to more innovative and efficient problem-solving.

Learn More About 🧬🌍GenWorlds

GitHub: https://github.com/yeagerai/genworldsDocs: https://genworlds.com/docs/intro

Discord: https://discord.gg/wKds24jdAX

Blog: https://medium.com/yeagerai

About Yeager

At Yeager.ai, we are on a mission to enhance the quality of life through the power of Generative AI. Our goal is to eliminate the burdensome aspects of work by making GenAI reliable and easily accessible. By doing so, we foster a conducive environment for learning, innovation, and decision-making, propelling technological advancement.