Oct 13, 2023

🧬🌍GenWorlds Developer Tips🛠️

Developing multi-agent systems with GenWorlds (GitHub) is easy and efficient! Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to enhance the development process using our event-based communication layer.

The Utility of Chat Interface World🗣️

Always aim to develop using the Chat Interface World! Connecting it to our open-source, community-driven frontend (crafted in Vue) not only fosters smooth interfacing but also simplifies log analysis. 🔍

Simplifying with Jupyter Notebook📓

Develop the non-deterministic backend, GenWorlds, using a Jupyter Notebook. By keeping the backend up in the Notebook and connecting the frontend, you can modify and restart systems swiftly, ensuring seamless development.⚙️

Quick Frontend Connections🌐

While your backend is active in Jupyter Notebook, having the frontend connected allows you to visualize changes live, iterating and adapting your system in real-time, enhancing the development pace. 🔄

Speed Up Testing⏩

When crafting a new WorldEntityObject, test its actions efficiently by instantiating a test user in the Jupyter Notebook. Execute the action directly from the user, avoiding the non-deterministic agent for quicker testing! ✔️

Try it and give Feedback

We greatly 🙏appreciate🙏 any feedback on the 🧬🌍GenWorlds framework and we are here to support anyone building on it.

Check out our new documentation and along with other resources below: