Jul 19, 2023

The human mind is an intricate system of conscious and subconscious thoughts and behaviors. Our subconscious mind primarily operates in the background, controlling essential functions like the heartbeat and breath and processing experiences and emotions. It performs many other critical tasks without us being aware. Our conscious mind is geared towards explicit, task-focused activities like instructing your hands to type or your legs to walk.

🧬🌍GenWorlds, our open-source framework and platform, provides environments for coordinating AI Agents to execute tasks and achieve common goals. Underpinning our design is a focus on reliability which we accomplish by using LLMs as the subconscious and Agents as the conscious mind, arms, and legs.

The diagram above reflects the connectivity between the conscious and unconscious actions of our agentic system in RoundTable, a podcast simulation built on 🧬🌍GenWorlds. RoundTable demo below:

LLMs — The SubconsciousThe 🧬🌍GenWorlds framework uses the LLM as the subconscious mind. LLMs work in the background decoding and crafting human-like text responding to various prompts. Like the human subconscious, these models can grasp a broad spectrum of topics. Additionally, they exhibit creativity, mirroring our mind’s capacity to connect dots and innovate new ideas based on previously absorbed information.

In this way, LLMs replicate the subconscious mind’s underlying influence that shapes our understanding and interaction with the world around us. But, like the subconscious mind, LLMs are not designed to perform highly specialized tasks on demand. For example, a Dr doesn’t put her subconscious mind in charge of surgery.

LLMs excel in probabilistic tasks, which deal with uncertainty and variability and often involve generating possible outcomes or predictions based on a set of inputs. LLMs can creatively connect ideas, evaluate options, generate content, and provide a wide range of potential responses, much like the human subconscious mind.

AI Agents — The Conscious Mind, Arms, and LegsIn 🧬🌍GenWorlds, Agents are the conscious mind, arms, and legs that take action. Agents can handle deterministic tasks involving specific actions or outputs that don’t vary, given the input. These tasks require consistency and reliability (e.g. press send button on an email). Agents use the LLM for non-deterministic outputs (e.g. evaluation and content creations) to guide deterministic behaviors. This ultimately creates a flexible, reliable, and creative system.


By aligning the structure and function of AI with the natural organization of the human mind, we create a system that understands and interacts with the world around it. So far, our hypothesis is that the more we align with how humans function, the better our framework becomes.

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