Oct 10, 2023

🚀Announcing our major refactor of 🧬🌍GenWorlds, the event-based communication framework for autonomous multi-agent systems!  Now, developers can seamlessly create multi-agent environments using just a Jupyter Notebook.

Learn more here: 



We have been thrilled thus far with the reception from folks building in the AI Agent communities.  If you are building any applications with AI agents (or know of projects that are), we'd be keen to gather your feedback as well.  


More on the framework below 👇

Scalable Customization

Introducing a split between the Abstract Interface Layer and Basic Utility Layer! Get the best of both worlds with full customization while getting started ⚡️swiftly with our utility layer, covering many use cases right out of the box. 


Thought Actions

Actions that leverage LLM calls for both reasoning and execution, bridging 🧠 intelligent thinking with practical actions in your autonomous agents. Unleash smarter, more responsive agents such as our basic assistant (Basic Assistant Repo) made with LangChain.


Cost Efficiency 

GenWorlds optimizes LLM 💲costs💲. For basic actions/thought loops (like filling the event), agents now leverage GPT-3.5 instead of GPT-4, significantly reducing expenses without compromising capabilities. 


Actions are Event Driven

Actions, mainly Python routines, are the 🪨cornerstone of the framework. Actions consist of a Triggering Event and a routine that will be executed and sending events, which simplifies and ✨energizes your agent's tasks! 


Easy Deployment

🔄Deploying your environment comes down to 2 main components: 'World' (a @fastapi WebSocket Server + Clients) and the 'Frontend'.  GenWorlds becomes your non-deterministic backend, which easily connects to a frontend. Minimal setup, maximum functionality


Try it and give Feedback

We greatly 🙏appreciate🙏 any feedback on the framework and we are here to support anyone building on it.  Check out our new documentation and along with other resources below: